[Gllug] Alternatives to googlemail

Daniel Mang danielmang at googlemail.com
Sun May 29 10:06:44 UTC 2011


This is not a specifically Linux question, but I thought some people
on this list might have some advice on this and maybe it's also a
question of interest to more people than just me...

I am looking into the possibility of finally transferring my email
away from google (for some reasons see

But the regular riseup.net account I have anyway is not the option I
am looking for - securitywise it's great but it comes (understandably)
with little storage space, and as far as I understand, the web mail
client it uses, SquirrelMail, does not (yet) support labels, which I
much prefer to folders (unlike the other open source web mail
application Horde, which I haven't used yet but which looks good to
me...), and I don't think there is a way to sync your contacts.

I do want to keep a few years worth of emails (currently 7 GB), and
have my contacts in a remote database as well, and be able to sync
them with the contacts on my phone.

My desktop computer and laptop both run Debian 6.0, I use Icedove as
an email client with IMAP.

I absolutely want to have the possibility to send and receive encrypted email.

If I could have encrypted webmail, I think I would not bother to use
an email client at all anymore, but it seems FireGPG is no longer
supported and I can find no alternative.

Basically I want to be able to do what I can do with gmail and gmail
contacts without using google's service in exchange for all my data
basically belonging to them to do with as they please - and I am
willing to pay for the storage space, and put some time into fiddling
with open source software if necessary.

I use the hosting services of 5quidhost.co.uk and so I am considering
expanding the disk space I have with them and put my mail and contacts

But I am quite unsure what my options are and what tools I could use
for a good email solution, really...

Any ideas, tips, comments, anyone ?

Thanks in advance

Daniel Mang
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