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Nix nix at esperi.org.uk
Sun May 15 22:12:57 UTC 2011

On 14 May 2011, Avi spake thusly:

> Modern (software) music players cope very well with completely ignoring
> the directory structure and using file metadata instead, I really don't
> see why ignoring this would be a plus point for a hardware music player.

Well, my iPod runs rockbox mostly because its metadata support makes it
completely useless for me. It only classifies based on
artist/album/song, which is great if all you have is popular music, but
e.g. I have three recordings of the Goldberg Variations, two played by
Glenn Gould, one played by someone else. The iPod has no way I could
find to classify by composer *and* performer, only 'artist'
(conventionally 'performer' as far as I can tell) and certainly cannot
differentiate between multiple performances of the same work. As far
as I could tell the latest you put on the machine overwrote all the
others. Very useful, I don't think.

With directory structures all this is irrelevant. I can even add extra
subclassifications for some composers whose volume of work seems to
merit it, and the software need never care.

(If the software *can* use metadata, good, but it had better be able to
use *all* the metadata, even if it is completely arbitrary, because I
fairly often invent new Vorbis comments and would like to be able to
search by them. No playback tool I have yet found satisfies this fairly
simple requirement completely, but I plan to make mpd and at least one
mpd client (emms) do so in the future.)

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