[Gllug] App development for children

David L Neil GLLUG at GetAroundToIt.co.uk
Thu May 19 18:44:00 UTC 2011


On 05/20/2011 06:03 AM, Christopher Hunter wrote:

> Schools spend inordinate amounts of money on software (invariably MS
> software and "operating systems"), and on overpriced commodity hardware.
> The hardware is frequently re-badged well-known brands (HP and Dell
> machines marked up by 175% and with an "RM" sticker attached).
> In most schools, the machines are invariably physically damaged, riddled
> with malware, and connected to the 'net by a crude filtering system that
> the kids can trivially circumvent (but costs £100s per port per year).
> This is NOT an environment conducive to good teaching!
> C.

...and having spent such money on the h/w and on the 'legislated 
protections' there is none left over for training the staff...

How many schools have you seen advertising, even boasting about, the 
number of computers/ratio to the number of students?

How many boast about the qualifications/expertise of their teachers and 
the efficacy of the courses offered?
(no, not the annual school exam results 'tables' in the newspapers)

ie the environment is more than the h/w or the network

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