[Gllug] Media playback speed problem

Bernard Peek bap at shrdlu.com
Tue Apr 17 07:42:00 UTC 2012

On 16/04/12 20:39, James Courtier-Dutton wrote:
> On 16 April 2012 19:33, Bernard Peek<bap at shrdlu.com>  wrote:
>> I'm running Mint 64-bit 12 on an Intel i5 quad-core box. Within the last
>> week or two something has changed and now I can't play any media files at
>> normal speed. MP3&  flac sound, MP4 video and BBC iPlayer audio all run at
>> several times normal speed apparently only limited by the rate my machine
>> can load the data. Does anyone know if any recent Mint updates might have
>> borked the system?
> I have run into this problem before.
> I fixed the problem by setting pulseaudio to 48000 Hz.
> In /etc/pulse/daemon.conf
> Change
> #default-sample-rate = 44100
> default-sample-rate = 48000
> Restart the PC, and see if that helps.

Thanks James. That worked.

Bernard Peek
bap at shrdlu.com

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