[Gllug] suse 12.1 not connect online

Ken Smith kens at kensnet.org
Sun Apr 22 21:01:26 UTC 2012

Christopher Hunter wrote:
> On Sat, 2012-04-21 at 23:03 +0100, Diana Scott wrote:
> {snip}
> Diana
> Please be aware:
> Virgin Media are about as useful as a chocolate fire-guard.
> VM will take lots of money from you, whether they provide any service or
> not.
> VM don't believe that there's any other operating system than Windows
> (they even can't understand Apple gear).
> VM can disconnect your service arbitrarily if you admit to trying to
> connect anything other than Windows (they think you're trying to attack
> their "service").  Only Windows accords with their silly "Terms of
> Service".
> Their "modem" is notoriously unreliable.  They shipped me four of them
> before I found one that would work, and even then it wasn't capable of
> providing the data speed they claimed, and they wouldn't do anything to
> fix it.
> Try resetting their modem - cycle the power.  If the lights come back on
> and show connection, plug in your computer to it, and try a "ping" to
> see if the modem replies (check its address in their instructions - I
> think it's  Check the settings that they provide:
> DHCP enabled.
> Subnet mask
> Gateway
> Hope this helps
> Chris
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It used to be the case that Virgin Media's DHCP would only issue an IP 
address to the machine whose MAC address they had seen before. So if you 
swap the connected device VM's DHCP won't give it an IP address. 
Nonsense to my thinking, but seemingly if you shut down VM's modem and 
leave it for half an hour or so and then start it up again it appears to 
forget the previous MAC address and allow a new device to connect. I had 
thought that had dispensed with this but in some areas it might still 

I too have measured VM throttling their connections. A download that 
will kick off at 15-20Mbps will drop down to 3-4 or less over  a few 
minutes. I have never seen one particular new 30 Meg connection exceed 
20. And there isn't any excuse of flaky old wiring that can be given in 
a xDSL connection, VM's network is mainly fairly recent coax. The coax 
must be clean to almost 1Gig otherwise their TV service wouldn't work.

Hope that helps

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