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Mon Apr 23 11:43:05 UTC 2012

On 04/23/2012 11:25 AM, Simon Wilcox wrote:
> On 23/04/2012 09:23, Tethys wrote:
>> Someone else has your data. Not that they'll be able to get at it
>> if it's suitably encrypted[1], but they can deny you access to it.
>> For that reason alone, I won't be putting any of my data in the
>> cloud now, or for the forseeable future. Or probably ever.
> That doesn't mean that you shouldn't put your data in the cloud, it just
> means that you had better make sure you have a good backup of it. Which
> of course weakens the business case for data in the cloud but other
> factors may still make it a good business choice.

not sure if you and Tethys are talking about the same thing... His point
is more about privacy and ownership/access of data : backups wont help
if everyone else gets access to your data.

I think there is merit on both sides. Encryption works to some level to
mitigate the idea of data being worth something to anyone else other
than the key holder, but then on the flip side you need  key instance in
the cloud in order to consume the data locally anyway. So threat
remains. not all data needs to be private, eg: the data hosted by the
guys at GDS ( gov.uk ) can mostly be ( and should be ) very visible.
Till such time as my personal details get added in there, and they have
an auth mechanism that allows my tax and personal details to make their
way into the 'system'. at that point, *I* really want them off AWS and
into gurantee'able secure storage, processing and interface.

No worries about council publications all being in the cloud,
distributed from there, accessed from there.

- KB

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