[GLLUG] colocated server share

Alex Marchwiak leming at ehion.com
Wed Dec 26 17:39:57 UTC 2012

Hi all, I am not a good salesman hence this post here :)
Me and my good friend have a server colocated in Maidenhead, in fact we have 
had it in there since 2006, anyways.. its always been a little 'hosting' 
attempt but never with any profit in mind, just to host few
bits and bobs for ourselves and close friends... its grown quite a bit
now, we have few openvz containers all nicely arranged with services on
seperate IP's and all been jolly and happy until they moved us into a
different rack where they started measuring power :) bastards! :)
so first bill came rather high and second and so on, it literally doubled...
those who know the numbers they give you usually 0.4A per 1U and our server 
eats 1.2A.
So recently we invested in a newer CPU, less ram sticks and we saved ourselves 
few quid :) but still costing us more than before...
What we have is 1U HP DL360 G5 2.4GHz Quad,3 x 500GB RAID5, 16GB RAM
capacity is not the greatest but over the years we still have quite a
lot of spare memory and disk. Bandwidth limit we never ever touched, so there 
is plenty to use. We host our own mail, dns, web, jabber and few other bits... 
now what we need is someone that could hop into our little server share family 
and chip in every month for the privilege of using our awesome beast. I dont 
want to say numbers here coz I dont want this to sound like an advert - it 
really is not a sale (although I could sell VM's or something
1GB RAM guranteed or something like that but no, there is a lot more to it than 
just a VM...)
If anyone is interested in getting a share of 1U - let me know. Then we can 
talk how much and what would you get...



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