[Gllug] CentOS for Production (CentOS 6.0 Vs 6.1 Vs 6.2)

Stephen Ford ascdump at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 15:41:59 UTC 2012

> What would be the best CentOS candidate for upgrade (CentOS 6.0 Vs 6.1 Vs
> 6.2)
> We are using both physical and virtual system.

Go for the latest version possible, it makes no difference as a base
os version once you start patching.  There is no true 6.2, it is
simply 6.0 with all patches applied up to a certain date, tested and
released.  If you were to install 6.0 and fully patch it, it would end
up 6.2 plus a bit anyway.

RH do not define what minor versions really are, the only way to
determine it is via /etc/redhate-release (which doesnt mean much) or
by looking at all the packages on the iso and using those versions to
collectively define the minor version.  Assuming this and for example
if you were to install 6.1, as soon as you patched just one package,
you are no longer 6.1.

This the common problem with commercial applications which require a
specific minor version of rhel/centos and offer no support to slightly
newer versions.  You end up getting trapped and not being able to
patch (even security updates) without breaking your support contract
with the silly supplier of the software.
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