[Gllug] home server rack - quiet options

John Hearns hearnsj at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 29 11:45:12 UTC 2012

John, the 19 inch rack standard predates the audio industry of course!

AFAIK (and without Googling) it is the standard for telephone relay racks.
I would guess that Colossus itself was built on 19in racks - given
that Tommy Flowers was an engineer from the Post Office at Dollis

I too have always wanted a Canford wine rack.

On 29/02/2012, John Edwards <john at cornerstonelinux.co.uk> wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 28, 2012 at 10:10:48PM +0000, Nix wrote:
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>> "Simultaneously insane, wonderful, and terrifying" you mean. Given how
>> noisy most rack-mountable gear is, I imagine this solution is restricted
>> purely to the deaf and the soon-to-be-deaf (unless you plan to leave the
>> ikearacks in the garage and tell all your neighbours that you're running
>> a fleet of cars in there 24/7 with the garage door closed).
> Not all rack mount gear is noisy, you just need to be careful about
> what you buy.
> Also the music and events industry were using 19" racks before
> computers were, often in flight cases and on wheels. There is a
> company called Canford that do a great range of 19" rack kit,
> including fridges and wine racks:
> 	http://www.canford.co.uk/Products/20796/13-024_CANFORD-FRIDGE-Rackmount-13U
> 	http://www.canford.co.uk/Products/11-231_CANFORD-RACKWINE-Winerack-rack-mount-3U-black
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