[Gllug] Geolocation

Tethys . tethys at gmail.com
Sat Feb 11 13:04:42 UTC 2012

Does anyone know of a decent geolocation solution under Linux? I'm not
looking for massive accuracy. Being able to narrow an IP address down
to a country[1] would be good enough. My current solution is both
hacky and slow and involves making a half hearted attempt to parse the
output of whois(1). If someone's already done the work, I'd rather not
be reinventing the wheel. There used to be a registry of address
blocks at ipindex.net, but that's been down for a while.


[1] Yes, I know the caveats about how it won't always be correct. A
"good enough" solution is sufficient for my needs here.

"Java is a DSL for taking large XML files and converting them to stack
traces" -- Bulat Shakirzyanov
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