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Wed Feb 1 01:06:22 UTC 2012

On 30/01/12 18:57, Rich Walker wrote:
> Possibly a slightly odd request, but has anyone seen something that does
> the equivalent of "attach a 3G dongle to a KVM switch"? We occasionally
> want to get access to a remote computer in a random foreign country
> before it has network connectivity, and this seems like the only
> sensible solution...
> cheers, Rich.

Adder's CATX-IP range are IP enabled KVM's that run VNC. I have one at
home and it works OK via the net (well enough for occasional admin
anyway). It uses Real-VNC which is a less than lovely app and protocol
but it does the job. I've had good success with the Zoom 4501 3G router
in the past although I've never tried to remote in via 3G (I can imagine
that might be a bit turgid if you have lacklustre 3G reception). It has
the advantage of only being about £40 which is much cheaper than
anything by Draytek and IIRC it has dynamic DNS support which you'll need.

I think the smallest unit adder do is an 8 way for around £300 plus
you'll need at least one "CAM" for it which retails for about £60. If
you only need a single port I believe both Belkin and Startech have
single port KVM over IP boxes on the market though last time I looked
they had pretty middling reviews and they may not actually work out any

Of course if you don't need or want graphics this is all probably
serious overkill!


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