[Gllug] What are the best practices for Linux partitioning & Mount points for Production systems

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Fri Mar 2 12:32:44 UTC 2012

On Fri, Mar 2, 2012 at 12:21 PM, James Courtier-Dutton
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> As a sub note, if you need the rollback feature, you only need the
> /boot2 on Redhat based installations.
> Debian and Ubuntu do not need it.

Unless you can point to specific examples of how to roll back to a
previous distribution using Debian/Ubuntu, I'm going to accuse you of
spreading FUD. A distribution is more than a kernel. I don't upgrade
distributions in place, I install a new one in parallel, hence the
need for a separate /boot. If it doesn't work, then the complete old
distribution is still there, and rolling back to it takes 60 seconds.

Note that there has been some work on rolling back an in place
upgrade, but AFAIK the bulk of it has been done in the Red Hat world.
If there's been a Debianish equivalent, I don't know about them and
I'd appreciate some links. But I'm still wary of such things. My
solution works well.


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