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Sat Mar 24 10:51:16 UTC 2012

On 22 March 2012 11:29, Robert . <forums at binaryexistence.co.uk> wrote:
>> As for how one falls in the Linux space, it  used to be just by
>> chance, but now that it is a fully professionalized field I suppose
>> you would study operating systems in Uni and then move on to an entry
>> position in a place where Linux is prevalent.
>> Most companies nowadays won't take self thought people (a shame
>> really) and with the prevalence of  certifications many  are not
>> evening considering applicants without one.
>> --
> It's a shame if it really is/goes that way. I do believe that an education
> establishment is right for many fields and individuals in this world, I
> wouldn't want to go see a self-taught doctor for example.
> However in the world of IT when so much freely available information is
> provided to users to learn in their own way, it allows people to cultivate
> their own creativity and to learn from their mistakes. Their way of thinking
> will possibly be very different (out of the box?) to a classroom of 20
> people studying together. Neither is right or wrong, but both deserve
> respect for the time and effort put into them. Often the creative types
> cannot afford formal education, would be a shame to slow down progression
> because self-taught individuals are left behind

I'm not arguing against self thought skills, the only thing I am
saying is that I believe they will no longer be enough to get your
foot in the door for most positions (if this is good or bad is open to
debate, the fact is that having a shiny RHCE will help you pass lots
of filters).

> I've recently read Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, and although I don't totally
> agree with every view he has, he covers topics such as how woman become
> "accepted" in classical music which was rarely the case in the past. I took
> the message as "to create opportunities by not neglecting others for their
> differences".

If one has the time to do so fine, but it is difficult to do if one
has 50 CVs in front applying for the same position. One needs to find
shortcuts to filter the CVs and is unlikely to use "self thought" as
the main filter in such a situation.
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