[Gllug] Rekindling interest in London LUG events

Donald Williams dwilliams344 at gmail.com
Tue May 1 10:20:53 UTC 2012

Hi again from a bedazzled, thoroughly chuffed whilst rather touched Linux
user. The responses I have seen (and received) are really quite unexpected
in these days of Thatcher's children. (At the same time I spent a whole 1.5
hours yesterday afternoon downloading, burning to dvd and installing Ubuntu
12.04 on my PC - I am already amazed by it and very grateful for it!) The
correspondence on the above-titled matter has prompted a warm respect for
the GLLUG members.

There seems a real wish to understand some of the issues relating to
disability and involvement in GLLUG life. I have tomorrow (entirely
coincidentally) the opportunity to visit the pub I first mentioned, the
Birchwood. Taken there by car by a nice chap who'll foot the bill is quite
an outing for me and I shall investigate all the possibilities/necessities
there (WiFi?). I also plan to call in to our local pensioners' pop-in
parlour to see how many, if any, have broadband at home and are interested
in what Linux has to offer. I might also get an "in" to a more widespread
local provider - more on that, possibly, later.

I give a nod to the day - years ago now - I  got bothered by a certain
software make's irritating existence on my computer - so I installed my
first Linux that day.

I'm off away for a B12 injection now. Thank you again, GLLUG

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