[Gllug] IPv6

Chris Bell chrisbell at chrisbell.org.uk
Sun May 6 07:21:58 UTC 2012

   BBC Technology has an article on the June "IPv6 day" saying that the UK
is not in the leading 20 countries. Most of the population have not even
heard about it, yet may need new or updated hardware. I understand that
recent BT hubs are IPv6 capable, but probably most hardware is unknown. Many
modems on sale do not even mention IPv6. I am connected by C&W LLU, and
there has been no mention of IPv6. Will the UK be just told one day to get
on with it?
   I could just transfer to FTTC and let someone else sort that part of the
hardware, although I do not need the extra speed.
   At least one of my computers, my old faithful Acorn RISC PC, is running
very old software, and would probably need to continue using IPv4, but at
least I have a choice of boxes. Most people will not have a clue.

Chris Bell www.chrisbell.org.uk
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