[GLLUG] 1/ Hosting provider

DL Neil gllug at getaroundtoit.co.uk
Sat Sep 29 22:37:11 UTC 2012


Thanks for your rapid response

On 09/30/2012 11:33 AM, Benjamin Donnachie wrote:
> On 29 Sep 2012, at 23:25, DL Neil <gllug at getaroundtoit.co.uk
> <mailto:gllug at getaroundtoit.co.uk>> wrote:
>> Am seeking recommendations from satisfied users of a competent hosting
>> provider based in the UK, or at least EUR.
> Custodian in Maidstone- http://www.custodiandc.com/
> Used them for our DR site in day job before last.  Blown away by their
> helpfulness and knowledge.

=good to know, but they seem to specialise in backup and I'm wanting 
primary email and web services.

=Sadly my current/remaining scale is way below that of co-lo services.


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