[GLLUG] Getting CUPS to auto-resume

DL Neil GLLUG at GetAroundToIt.co.uk
Thu Dec 19 20:01:01 UTC 2013


Anecdotal observation:
Such behavior may be related to the version of cups (etc) in use.
Updated your Dad* recently?
* or rather, his OpSys

>> Getting it to resume requires him to interact with a web page (which is

I had noted and been irritated by this behavior too - possibly
complicated by employing a wireless-connected MFP. Then (as others have
reported) I thought it had 'gone away' - but then it came back...

Eventually I noted that the lack of flexibility was evidenced by my
desktop/dev.server running CentOS 6.n* and thus cups 1.4.2.
* thanks Kerambir et al!

Whereas (this) laptop running Fedora 19* and cups 1.6.4 exhibits proper
queue behavior, ie aware response to paper-out and time-out
power-downs/power-off and their correction (without manual involvement).
* thanks Rich et al!

Of course, cups is not an area where I would even dream of looking
'under the hood', so quite possibly false interpretation on my part. YMMV!


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