[GLLUG] Broadband/cable provider [OT]

Christopher Hunter cehunter at gb-x.org
Sat Feb 9 16:53:44 UTC 2013

On Sat, 2013-02-09 at 16:09 +0000, Adrian McMenamin wrote:
> Apologies for the OT post.
> But I have had an email from Talk Talk saying they are ending their TV
> service and that I have to "upgrade" to their Talk Talk Plus service,
> which requires me to switch telecom provider, which I'd rather not.
> But it seems I have no other real option - Freeview reception here is
> rubbish and so I have to have a cable/ADSL supplied TV (or satellite I
> suppose).
> Anyone aware of any other option? It seems this part of N4 is not even
> cabled according to Virgin and BT's service only supplies the "on
> demand" stuff via the phone line.
> Thanks

Please don't give Virgin any of your money - they really don't deserve
it.  I know Murdoch is pretty odious too, but he doesn't stink quite as
badly as Virgin....

You'll have to go with satellite if you want a worthwhile TV service.
Freeview is a sad joke in most areas (and has very limited programme
choices), and Freesat is worse than Freeview.

I found that I had to "bite the bullet" and sign up to Sky.  The quality
of reception is remarkable, their "HD" is only 720 lines (half HD) but
is a substantial improvement over all the rest.

I remain connected via Bethere for my ADSL - they give me an annual
reduction because of the limited speeds available here in N10, and the
local BT FTTC "service" is an intermittent joke.  Rumour has it that
there may be a trial of FTTH later this year, and I've signed up to get
fibred, but I'll believe it when I see it!


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