[GLLUG] Linux/CPU hosting - recomendations requested

Robert Bannocks rgbannocks at hotmail.com
Thu May 9 14:52:06 UTC 2013

I am looking to purchase some short term Linux access on a server with ssh access.  I need this to do some probability based caculations so the purpose is not web hosting and I need to compile some programs on the service and then run the compiled code.  The need is not that data intensive I just need to be able to login kick of some caculations and come back latter and see the results.  It is not even that important that the provision is  high spec as I can wait or have a lower proity than other users what is important is that I can kick the thing off and be sure it will complete and log back in latter and get the results.  I can wait a day for the caculations that may take half a day on my laptop.  As I need my laptop for other things....
Does anyone have suggestions on providers.  I am only lokoking for a commitiment of a couple of months.
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