[GLLUG] Gluster Community Day - London

John Mark Walker johnmark at gluster.org
Fri Oct 25 10:39:56 UTC 2013


Just wanted to let you guys know about an event put together by the Gluster Community for next week, all about cloud storage, OpenStack integration, Hadoop integration, and more. 

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Complete description follows:

It's a Gluster Day in London! This free event features talks on GlusterFS, a distributed filesystem with a global namespace, universal access with no data silos, and developer-friendly interfaces for application-building. This event will include talks on using Gluster with OpenStack, KVM/QEMU, and how to develop apps and integrate with GlusterFS. This is a chance for developers and admins to learn first-hand what GlusterFS and related open software-defined storage projects in the Gluster Community can enable systems operators to accomplish in cloud and virtualized environments.

Here are the topics you'll hear about at this event:

The State of the Gluster Community - John Mark Walker, Gluster Community Leader, will discuss the latest in the world of GlusterFS and the global Gluster Community. From the new release of GlusterFS 3.4 and its integration with QEMU/KVM to comprehensive OpenStack integration and a new Hadoop plugin, the Gluster Community is poised to be the world's standard for cloud and big data workloads. John Mark will also discuss the new open governance model for the Gluster Community and which companies are participating.

GlusterFS for SysAdmins - In this talk, Niels de Vos will walk users through how to use GlusterFS for most common tasks, showing step-by-step with easy to follow instructions. Learn how to set up a global namespace, connect to a Gluster volume, manage running Gluster bricks and volumes, and set up geo-replication.

Adventures in Cloud Storage: Gluster and OpenStack - Udo Seidel from Amadeus will discuss how he deployed GlusterFS in an OpenStack environment and the benefits of choosing GlusterFS as the storage platform for OpenStack.

GlusterFS for Developers - With GlusterFS 3.4, the Gluster Community released a new client library, libgfapi, that enables application developers to integrate their software with GlusterFS, giving any developer the power to utilize filesystems-as-a-service in their apps. In addition, application developers can also use the OpenStack Object Storage API (Swift) to build web applications with GlusterFS. Justin Clift will walk developers through the process of creating applications and the benefits of using GlusterFS.

Gluster Forge Demos - This talk will feature the latest projects on the Gluster Community Forge, located at forge.gluster.org. Features projects include pmux, a file-based map/reduce system for GlusterFS, the Hadoop plugin, and Gluster-deploy, an application for assisting operators with their initial installs.

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