[GLLUG] CentOS Dojo and Drinks, London on the 13th Sept 2013

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Wed Sep 4 17:07:38 UTC 2013

hi Guys,

On the 13th Sept 2013, we will be hosting a CentOS Dojo in London, UK;
hosted by ITV ( http://www.itv.com/ ) at their Waterloo offices. Details
of the venue are on the wiki page at :

As with the other Dojo's things start off at 9:30am and we have :

* Stefan Cocora talking about the Deploument pipeline at ITV
* Justin Clift talking about GlusterFS, getting started and management
* Lester Wade talking about Eucalyptus to build your inhouse AWS clone
* Robin Bowes talking about provisioning with TheForeman
* Felipe Franciosi talking about Virtualised Storage and performance
* Mark Sutton talking about going from 0 to hero with FreeIPA

Its going to be a great day, with lots of technical talks, so if you are
able to, do come along and be a part of the event. Registrations are
open now at https://centosdojolondon2013.eventbrite.co.uk/ and as
before, the cost is to cover some of the expenses that we incur.

After the Dojo, we will decamp to a local pub for beer and
conversations, sponsored by Coreix ( http://www.coreix.net/ ) who are
covering the first few drinks for everyone!

URLs: http://wiki.centos.org/Events/Dojo/London2013 for details and
https://centosdojolondon2013.eventbrite.co.uk/ for the registration page.

please note that this is a non-commercial event, the costs of
registrations ( £10 ) are to cover costs on the day only.


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