[GLLUG] Broadband: Bethere -> Sky

Rhys Powell rhys.powell at rhyspowell.com
Tue Apr 15 09:34:26 UTC 2014

On 15 April 2014 10:24, Matthew Walster <matthew at walster.org> wrote:

> We actually have a good infrastructure in the UK and it's only getting
> better with the investment BT are putting in. The FTTC rollout is going
> well and about 50% of the country has access to speeds in excess of
> 30Mbit/s if they so wish.
> Things aren't as bad as you think ;)
> M
Sadly they are not that great unless you live in big towns or cities.

I was very shocked that when BT started rolling out Infinity, where were
the areas they first hit? Those where the were already cable providers
proving greater speed.

Eventually the government hand them loads of cash (yes the BT "investment"
is coming out of our pockets even for the FTTC), under the rural broadband
scheme, yet my current exchange isnt even 21CN enabled, something I believe
they were required to do for all exchanges by the end of last year.

Not something I would really call good.
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