[GLLUG] Overclockers

Christopher Hunter cehunter at gb-x.org
Tue Apr 15 17:10:16 UTC 2014

On 15/04/14 11:59, James Hawtin wrote:
> On 15/04/14 00:16, Michael Peel wrote:
>> I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience. I definitely won't be 
>> shopping there, sounds like a nightmare. Check out novatech.co.uk 
>> based in Portsmouth. I find their stuff to be reasonably priced and 
>> in my experience have great customer service.
> Yes you do, however I had a situation with Scan who refused to accept 
> back a CPU fan, claiming I had "used" it and it was not now in a 
> sellable condition (for them means as new unopened), and refused my 
> return, I had even got scan sure cover on my order but they refused 
> under that to.
> Ironically many of the things they claim to have done to the fan i 
> know I did not do, they claimed thread marks from attachment, the 
> thermal compound was squeezed, and that the bottom of the fan had 
> residue on it, all of which were not the case. What was the case was 
> the spring clip had been put on the flan and remove causing tiny 
> amounts of paint to come off the heat sink, putting the fan on, made 
> me decide i did not like the design!
> Either way they refused my return of a 15 pound heat sink, as you do 
> not seem to be able to talk to people in Trading Standards any more 
> they were no help, and said they cannot help in indivual cases, so as 
> it was a Civil problem my ownly route would have been small claims 
> court for a minimum 30 pounds! and even if I won there, scan could 
> just refuse to pay and I might have to pay to get it enforce. Only if 
> an item (not an order) is over 100 pounds and paid by Credit Card do 
> you get protection via that route. I suspect Scan know they can get 
> away with it for small value items so do, I am sure the returns 
> manager does not care he has lost Scan a couple of thousand pounds of 
> business, because I will only now trade with scan if I absolutely have 
> to.
> This is why I like buying from amazon, they accept anything back under 
> DSR, shame really I would prefer to trade with a UK company.. but Meh!
> James
I had a couple of similar events with Scan, and have now abandoned them 
for good.  Their staff know little or nothing about the equipment 
they're selling, and they seem to care even less.  They were actually 
very rude on the phone.

I received a power supply from them that was obviously secondhand and 
defective (and rattling!).  They refused to accept that this was the 
case, but I'd taken careful steps to document the unpacking of their 
parcel, and connected the power supply to an isolated, protected mains 
supply on video.  The report when it was powered up was heard by my 
neighbours 40m away through two cavity walls!

I sent back the components and all the evidence of their ineptitude, and 
demanded my money back.  They refunded my credit card after 72 days, 
several emails and two Registered Letters.  I won't ever deal with them 


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