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On Wed, Apr 23, 2014 at 09:56:31AM +0100, Peter Cannon wrote:
> [Customer Service]
> So please stop bemoaning suppliers who are are reticent at taking back open goods. What the fook do you think they are going to do with your cast off? You don't like losing money and neither do they.

Except that is exactly what the Distance Selling Regulations says you
have the legal right to do (within 7 days):

Think of it this way: If you bought something in person from a
physical store then you can look them before buying. With a remote
purchase you do not have that ability and so have the right to return
them and get their money back.

Any business that sells items over the Internet should already have a
way of testing and repackaging returned items. They save considerable
money by not have a physical store and floor staff, so should be able
to easily handle an increase in returned items.

In the account given the company made a serious mess of the returns
procedure. If they could not refund the method of payment (a cheque
I believe) then they should not have accepted it. It is also the
company's responsibilty to ensure that the goods are delivered to
(or collected from) the correct address.

Plus in the original case the goods appeared to be faulty, so the
"Satisfactory quality" and "Fitness for purpose" provisions of the
Sale of Goods Act would come into effect.

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