[GLLUG] Overclockers

Chris Howells chris+gllug at chrishowells.co.uk
Wed Apr 23 11:43:25 UTC 2014

On 23.04.2014 09:56, Peter Cannon wrote:

> This thread is hysterical. The multiple subjects being discussed is
> mind boggling and yet we have complaints about top posting! #facepalm

Can't disagree with that.

> anything. Amazon too was excellent when my daughters Kindle broke.
> They in fact just sent a new one out and said to keep the broken one!

I doubt it's worth getting them fixed, most people *probably* aren't 
lying, it saves them the return postage costs, the costs of getting 
someone to deal with it, and then the cost of disposing it under WEEE, 
so it probably saves them money to let you keep it.

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