[GLLUG] Really weird behaviour from git

John Winters john at sinodun.org.uk
Thu Jan 2 13:32:29 UTC 2014

I think I've solved it.

As part of this particular work area, there is a Zim directory 
containing all the documentation.  Zim claims to be git aware and able 
to save all its changes to git.

However, in this particular project, the Zim directory is just part of 
the whole git working area and Zim seems to be working on the assumption 
that its directory is the whole of the git working area, and so when it 
wants to stage its files it's doing a "git add" on the whole working 
area, pulling in any modified source files as well.

I've turned off git in Zim and that seems to have cured it - fingers 


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