[GLLUG] Linux home server for simulated distributed computing

gvim gvimrc at gmail.com
Thu Jan 2 23:58:12 UTC 2014

I'm looking to build a Linux home server to simulate distributed 
computing (Riak, Hadoop, Storm, ZeroMQ, Chef, Vagrant etc.) and 
initially assumed a dual 6-core rig would set me back a couple of grand. 
Then I saw this 8-core desktop CPU - AMD FX-8320 3.5GHz Socket AM3+ 16MB 
Cache - retailing for a mere £109 at EBuyer. The Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P 
can also be had for only £59 so I'm thinking 2 of these should be 
sufficient for my simulations. 3.5GHz certainly compares favourably with 
your average server chip.

I will be running 1 VM per core/4GB RAM so the Gigabyte board should be 
sufficient as it supports 32GB RAM.

Anything obvious that I might be missing?


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