[GLLUG] Am I over-reacting to this?

Marcus Taylor marcus at linx.net
Wed Jan 15 20:28:45 UTC 2014

+1 this. That was my response. All being said this is a CPE device. 'They' own it and can do what they like.

I'll bet my shirt the credentials are the same or easily identifiable for each customer. By no means in identifying this  fact - if true an - over reaction or shouldn't be fixed.

This post Snowden era is quite interesting - pretty sure your ISP been doing this for a long time....

Top posting due to being on phone :(

Bernard Peek <bap at shrdlu.com> wrote:
>On 15/01/14 12:14, Tom Taylor wrote:
>> I would ask for an escalation to a manager and briefly explain the 
>> security risks of having potentially unmonitored access to a trusted 
>> part of your network especially on (probably) unencrypted channels.
>> Probably better keeping it to email as well so that you have a 
>> transcript of the conversations.
>Another question to ask is whether all of the routers have the same 
>admin credentials.
>Bernard Peek
>bap at shrdlu.com
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