[GLLUG] Log watcher/scraper recommendations?

Jan Henkins jan at henkins.za.net
Mon Jan 20 11:49:11 UTC 2014


On 2014-01-20 09:28, tid wrote:
> Folks, 
> I'm looking for a decent log [watcher|scraper] to monitor some
> aggregated logs from a few java glassfish java servers - does anyone
> have any favorite recommendations? 
> Things I'd like : 
>  - A web frontend 
>  - potential alerting on keyword / limit
>  - graphical interface ( graphing )  
> That sort of thing. I've looked at Splunk & NewRelic, and whilst they
> have the features, justifying their pricing to the client might be a
> hard sell.  

That is unfortunately the issue with them. Something you might want to 
look at is Logstash:


Not quite a Splunk, but similar in terms of intent. It understands loads 
of log formats already (I seem to remember it does log4j which could 
work for your invironment), but the only thing I don't specifically know 
is whether it can send alerts.

Jan Henkins

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