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Wed Jun 11 14:59:38 UTC 2014

I received a letter from HMRC today complaining that I had not submitted what I
pay myself as part of their new real time information system.[**]

It turns out that I can ignore it (according to my accountant), but my curiosity
was raised.

HMRC provide you with some basic tools:


For MS Windows, Apple Mac & Linux (Ubuntu 12.04 or 13.10).

So, I downloaded a zip file that contains a stripped 51MB binary. They do not
provide a checksum for the binary or zip file.

I ran up a Ubuntu VM & ran it -- it looks remarkably like the Gov't gateway web
site ... I wonder if this would be the same as the ''PAYE for Employers''
service that I could 'enrol' for - their web site mentions nothing of this.

Anyone any idea ?

I get the impression that it is written in Python, Django & TCL. I notice the
URL www.inkscape.org.

I don't suppose that the source code is available so that I can see what it does
& compile it for CentOS (as a static binary it will prob run, but still).

Are the protocols that HMRC uses published somewhere so that I could write a
perl script to submit what they want ? -- A quick search suggest that HMRC were
changing this all along.

[**] I generally have no idea what I have paid myself until my accountant works
it out several months after the end of my tax year.

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