[GLLUG] Recommendations for an IPv6 capable ADSL/FTTC router

James Hawtin oolon at ankh.org
Thu Jun 19 13:52:07 UTC 2014

On 19/06/14 14:41, Dylan wrote:
> Thanks - a quick look at that blog suggests that's a tad advanced for 
> me, and since I want to 'gain control' of the external IP address and 
> NAT setup it doesn't seem to make sense to do it anyway. Very 
> interesting though.
> Dx
Seriously? I found it really easy, download firmware to laptop, set 
static ip on laptop, disconnect network and vdsl from modem, get it to 
boot in rescue mode, go to web page, upload firmware job done.

Sadly Sky now do a self install vdsl service does not get openreach to 
price one of these modems and instead provide a locked down POS, so I 
had to buy one on Ebay ;-)


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