[GLLUG] New broadband connection

Chris Bell chrisbell at chrisbell.org.uk
Mon Jun 23 15:15:16 UTC 2014

   I have been connected by UKFSN home broadband for a few years, and they
host my own very simple domain and email. My daytime use is very low because
most of my downloading is done overnight.
   I need to set up ADSL2+ home broadband for my sister, to provide similar
basic email facilities, and perhaps a simple website. She has resisted
getting connected until now, and usage is expected to be fairly low.
   Their website does still say that a fixed IP address will be provided,
but neither the ukfsn.org home page nor the broadband page mention a default
email facility @username.ukfsn.org nor a default website
www.username.ukfsn.org although separate domain hosting is listed at extra
cost. Are they still available for new connections?
   In any case the Buy Now page does not open.
   I may be forced to find some other supplier that can provide similar
fairly reliable services without excessive cost. Any suggestions appreciated.

Chris Bell www.chrisbell.org.uk
Microsoft sells you Windows ... Linux gives you the whole house.

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