Jan Henkins jan at henkins.za.net
Mon Mar 3 15:10:48 UTC 2014

Hello Tom,

On 2014-03-03 14:44, Tom Taylor wrote:
> Does anyone know of any decent gui or web based LDAP Admin tools that
> don't really suck?  All the ones I've tried so far have been really
> painful to use.

Sorry to say, all LDAP tools tend to suck in some way or another. I find 
Jarek Gawor's LDAP Browser/Editor to be the best compromise when it 
comes to features versus pain, and should work for most scenarios where 
you don't need a lot of customization, or where you have weird 
proprietary LDAP implementations. It would also seem that it's a bit 
difficult finding a place to download it at the moment, but here is one 
that seems to work:


Being Java, it works equally well (and looks equally bad) on all 

Hope this helps! :-)

Jan Henkins

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