[GLLUG] Hard Drive recommendations

Chris Howells chris+gllug at chrishowells.co.uk
Fri Mar 21 17:02:14 UTC 2014

On 21.03.2014 13:58, Dylan wrote:

>> Buy a bunch of different brands and models, perhaps from different
>> vendors. This will lessen the risk that you suffer from an inherent
>> manufacturing or design defect simultaneously.
> Not for a domestic hobby machine on a budget...

There is no or minimal impact on budget - the fact that you were asking 
for recommendations suggested that budget wasn't primary consideration. 
If you buy 2 x 4TB from one vendor for £n, and 2 x 4TB of another brand 
from another vendor and they're a few quid more expensive, a couple of 
quid difference is a tiny proportion of the total cost of a bunch of 4TB 

Domestic hobby machine on a budget is exactly where this the most 
useful, as it's less likely you've got the rigorous backup procedures 
that a company would expect. (Not that I'm suggesting that the above is 
a replacement for a backup; it isn't).

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