[GLLUG] Hard Drive recommendations

Richard W.M. Jones rich at annexia.org
Fri Mar 21 18:56:03 UTC 2014

On Fri, Mar 21, 2014 at 05:38:05PM -0000, Martin A. Brooks wrote:
> On Fri, March 21, 2014 07:20, Dylan wrote:
> > I'm looking to get a new hard drive for data storage and to accommodate
> > 3D graphics rendering data. It will be a 3 to 4TB SATA-3 drive Are there
> > any brands/models to avoid at the moment, or any other gotchas I should
> > be aware of?
> Pretty much everyone on this list will have:
> * A small number of manufacturers they recommend because their disks have
> never or rarely failed.
> * A horror story about other manufacturer(s) whose disks they now avoid.
> All manufacturers will eventually be listed in the above two categories if
> you ask enough opinions, thus rendering the whole thing moot.

Although to be fair, Maxtor were really really awful ...


Richard Jones
Red Hat

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