[GLLUG] Re-configuring network settings in Debian Jessie

Jan Henkins jan at henkins.za.net
Mon May 19 14:35:25 UTC 2014

On 2014-05-19 13:35, Chris Bell wrote:
> On Sun 18 May, Dylan wrote:
>> That's a bit extreme...
>    It was re-setting the resolv.conf to use a DNS server that no longer
> existed and not a new DNS server on a new box. I think the 
> NetworkManager
> should be configured to stop doing this if some files are already 
> present.

This is not a purely KDE issue. I've had it with other desktops as well 
due to NetworkManager doing things in a way contrary to what I wanted 
(or rather expected). There are ways around it with all desktop 
environments, the trick is to find out which tool to use for each. In 
order to do this effectively, it is often necessary to go through the 
pain you have described. And, to add to this picture, there are 
differences in default behaviour of the "KDE" implementations between 
distributions too. I have been just as incensed about it as it sounds to 
me you were, so I feel your pain. What would perhaps be a slightly 
better approach is to stick with things a bit longer, and ensure you 
didn't go through the pain for nothing.

>    It is not the only thing that has wasted a lot of my time, the 
> Nepomuk
> search facility kept crashing one box by creating a file large enough 
> to
> fill all available disc space every few days because it was attempting 
> to
> list the enormous number of already indexed files on a 1TByte external
> drive. On re-boot the crashed file was deleted by fsck leaving no trace 
> of
> problems. I have to go round new boxes turning OFF unwanted facilities
> rather than not installing what I do not want.

Yes, Nepomuk. This is IMNSHO the big KDE bugbear (or simply the HUGE BUG 
depending on your point of view). When it works, it's fantastic. When it 
misbehaves (which it does often), it also does so fantastically... :-/ I 
normally simply disable Nepomuk, which means I don't really have the 
indexing facility. I don't have it, so I don't use it, and frankly, I 
don't miss it. I should perhaps take a leaf out of my own book and learn 
how to really use and configure Nepomuk properly, but "meh".

Jan Henkins

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