[GLLUG] New printer needed

Mike Brodbelt mike at coruscant.org.uk
Thu Oct 16 19:14:53 UTC 2014

On 16/10/14 17:05, Alain Williams wrote:
> My current printer (6 years old) is no longer working[**].
> So, I am looking for something new:
> * Low usage
> * I want colour - picture quality not needed
> * Multi function (print, scan, copy). Fax nice but not mandatory
> * Works with Linux (CentOS 6)
> * Consumables that do not cost the earth

I had about the same equation a while ago. I bought a HP Photosmart 
7520. Fast printing, enclosed multi feed paper tray that takes A4 + 
smaller photo paper, decent quality for mid range photo printing, and 
the consumables are substantially cheaper than the Epson model it replaced.

Linux support has been fine, and one reason I chose it is that HP have 
been pretty good with supporting free software for quite some time now. 
Canon have been much less helpful. The printer pretty much just works 
with CUPS out of the box, and the wifi support means no long USB cable, 
and easy printer sharing. Scanning support is fine, though TBH I haven't 
used SANE much with it - I find it simpler to go stand in front of it 
and scan directly to an SD card. I only need to use SANE for high res 
scanning, and my typical use case is to scan a document and email it to 
someone - for that the automatic settings are simpler and faster.



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