[GLLUG] Invitation to participate in research about privacy and surveillance in the age of Edward Snowden

JLMS jjllmmss at googlemail.com
Tue Sep 2 10:19:53 UTC 2014

Is it a prerequisite to be unemployed or a person of means?

Really, I would like to participate, but the times are wholly inadequate,
and then one wonders why some of these focus groups' results are so dodgy
at times....

On 1 September 2014 10:02, Christian Fuchs <christianfuchswmin at gmail.com>

>  Dear Linux users in London,
> The University of Westminster is currently involved in the European Union
> research project PACT (see http://www.projectpact.eu) that studies
> privacy and security in Europe. Since Edward Snowden’s revelations about
> the existence of the Prism system there have been a lot of discussions
> about privacy and surveillance in Europe.
> Given all the discussions about privacy and surveillance, ICT
> professionals dealing with personal data often ask themselves what can best
> be done to guarantee privacy and data protection for users. They are
> confronted with many questions about data use by their clients, customers,
> friends, and the public.
> PACT has developed a new method that makes it easier to answer which
> advantages and disadvantages information technologies pose in respect to
> personal data, privacy, and surveillance.
> We invite people concerned with big data, software/web companies and ICT
> professionals to participate in a test and assessment of this new method.
> There are two available dates when the tests of the new privacy assessment
> methodology takes place in the form of a focus group discussion:
> Monday, September 8, 2014: 13:00-15:30
> Tuesday, September 9, 2014: 13:00-15:30
> Location: Central London
> If you are interested to join on one of these two dates, then please get
> in touch with me.
> As a token of appreciation, you will receive hard copies of some of the
> project’s research reports that outline new insights about privacy and
> surveillance in the context of computing. You will be among the first
> people able to read these reports.
> Further information is also available here:
> https://www.dropbox.com/s/rhmjb0jhrmalmvh/Information%20Sheet.pdf?dl=0
> If this sounds interesting, then I’d be happy to hear back from you.
> Best,
> Christian Fuchs
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> Christian Fuchs
> Professor of Social Media
> University of Westminster
> Communication and Media Research Institute,
> Centre for Social Media Research
> http://www.westminster.ac.uk/camri
> http://www.westminster.ac.uk/csmr
> christianfuchswmin at gmail.com
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