[GLLUG] Dual monitors on Ubuntu 14.04 with Gnome

Mike Brodbelt mike at coruscant.org.uk
Thu Sep 18 17:53:45 UTC 2014

Also top posting from the phone (oh for a decent mobile email client).

My view would be that the correct way to fix this is to remove the proprietary drivers, use Nouveau, and xrandr should work properly. From the op's description however, although that "works", it has performance and rendering issues that sounds to me like driver bugs. So, she had the choice of trying to upgrade to a version of nouveau that fixes this, if one is available, or using the proprietary drivers.

The latter do screen spanning using a custom option called " TwinView", which is unrelated to the standard X stuff. The Arch Linux wiki has some good information. I can't help a lot here - I never buy nVidia as I have no interest in supporting them given their attitude to free software, and their driver doesn't support things I care about (like xrandr and colour management).


On 18 September 2014 18:17:54 BST, michael norman <michaeltnorman at gmail.com> wrote:
>On 18/09/14 17:37, Mike Brodbelt wrote:
>> One of them is the Intel graphics cite integrated into your CPU, the
>second is the discrete nVidia graphics card. Generally speaking, the
>presence of external graphics hardware on the PCI bus causes the
>integrated graphics core to automatically disable itself, but the
>device is still visible on the bus.
>> For your multi monitor stuff, most documentation will probably refer
>you to xrandr. However, nVidia didn't implement the standard stack in
>the proprietary driver, last time I looked. That said, I pay very
>little attention to three nVidia stuff, so you should check that
>situation hadn't changed.
>> HTH,
>> Mike
>Given how the OP described her problem what should she do to get it to 
>work ?
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