[GLLUG] Linux environment for software development

James Roberts j.roberts at stabilys.com
Tue Sep 23 11:30:54 UTC 2014

On 23/09/14 00:40, Nix wrote:
> in a throwback to Red Hat they wanted you to wipe the
> whole thing and reinstall if you wanted to upgrade to Mint 16 when it
> came out, 'cos they don't know how to build packages competently. Yeah,
> right, like I'm going to do another install after*that*  experience.

Hah, a comment from someone who has actually tried to use Mint :)

We mostly use Debian for all infra (with a scattening of CentOS) and 
Kubuntu on the desktop, because it supports very current hardware rather 
better then base Debian can.

I find *buntu server edition unusable as a general solution - though I 
know many use it. The problem comes when something you need is not happy 
about not having a real root account.

I use Debian VMs and containers under KVM for all our (very limited) 
development as this supports just about anything one may need to install 
(as long as it's not *too* current in which casue I containerise) and 
the VM is accessible from anywhere and can be snapshotted and backed up 
and restored when something nasty happens...

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