[GLLUG] Paid help sought

Rob Bowman rob at artangel.org.uk
Thu Mar 26 13:15:28 UTC 2015

Tristan this is really helpful and has sent me scurrying off to look things up. It has become a slightly different line of enquiry from the original.

So now I am thinking, what if...

- The sound file(s) are saved on my machine, say as mp3 (mac osx 10.9)
- My machine is connected to my £30 router via an ethernet cable into a LAN socket (the WAN socket of which is not used)
- Which in turn is connected to Ubiquiti access point that hosts the hotspot login (via ethernet, advised wd be with PoE)


I turn on a webserver on my machine (apache); on your mobile you see the wifi from the AP, hit the hotspot, it bumps you straight to a local IP 192.168.1.X and which is the ip of my Mac-as-webserver, and that downloads, or shows as available to download locally one or more files. (Don’t know how to do this linking within the homepage: would location take the form of file://xxxxxx/xxxx.xxx ?)

No-one sees any internet, but the job’s done and I’m £120 better off.

If for some reason I couldn’t get the hotspot to forward user to the right page, can I give 192.168.1.x a user-friendly name on the local network so it can be typed in. (Edit the hosts file?)


>> However, your comment about hosting the files locally (of which I'd
>> need further explanation) has made me wonder whether I am asking the
>> right question or missing something blindingly obvious.
>> Is it possible to host the files on a local network in a way that
>> makes having actual internet connectivity totally redundant if the aim
>> is JUST to allow access to the sound files (assuming I don’t want
>> internet for anything else)?
> Sound worth considering since the same files are likely to accessed multiple times.  How are the sound files hosted now?
> Tristan

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