[GLLUG] Paid help sought

Tristan Hill tristan at saticed.me.uk
Thu Mar 26 14:10:29 UTC 2015

On 2015-03-26 13:14, Rob Bowman wrote:
> I turn on a webserver on my machine (apache); on your mobile you see
> the wifi from the AP, hit the hotspot, it bumps you straight to a
> local IP 192.168.1.X and which is the ip of my Mac-as-webserver, and
> that downloads, or shows as available to download locally one or more
> files. (Don’t know how to do this linking within the homepage: would
> location take the form of file://xxxxxx/xxxx.xxx ?)

You'd probably also use http to serve them.

> No-one sees any internet, but the job’s done and I’m £120 better off.

You might have to warn users that connecting to the wifi would prevent 
other traffic.  Possibly some mobile devices might also drop the 
connection if they can't connect to the internet.  Probably some testing 
required.  On the other hand most ISPs don't actually allow internet 
sharing to the public in their T&Cs on standard accounts.

> If for some reason I couldn’t get the hotspot to forward user to the
> right page, can I give 192.168.1.x a user-friendly name on the local
> network so it can be typed in. (Edit the hosts file?)

I would guess the openwrt/Ubiquiti device would have a DNS server to do 
that.  Else perhaps dnsmasq on your mac.


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