[GLLUG] Help us develop online tools for activists

zylum at peacenews.info zylum at peacenews.info
Thu May 21 19:04:29 UTC 2015

Dear Gllug,
       Peace News has been developing a set of tools to help grass-roots 
campaigners communicate, organise and win. I hope that you might be able 
to help us find the right people to ensure that Zylum fulfils its 
potential? Many people urged us to open the source behind 
https://zylum.org - We can now announce that the Peace News Ecosystem, 
the custom CMS behind Zylum is free software, released under The GNU 
Affero General Public License. The Zylum site is running and users can 
register and use the beta tools, nonetheless, we need contributions to 
ensure that we fix bugs and deliver on the project's potential.

Peace News is currently seeking volunteers to critique the code and 
recruiting developers, to work on the project. We invite anyone 
interested to download the code from https://github.com/peacenews - 
explore it, and try running it on your own web-server.

Do you know anyone who has the skills and passion to contribute to free 
software which will serve grass-roots groups, working for radical social 
change? Do you have experience managing open source development? Do you 
know of any similar projects which might be interested in 

For a summary of what the Peace News Ecosystem can do, see

To get involved, email:
admin at zylum.org

If you would appreciate an opportunity to chat: What Zylum can do for 
you, as well as what you can do for Zylum will be topics for discussion 
at the Hactionlab Barncamp 19-21 June 2015 in the beautiful Wye valley. 
See you there.

Please forward this invitation as appropriate,
In solidarity,
Benjamin and the Zylum team.

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