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Sat May 23 21:49:21 UTC 2015

I'm really glad to see you have decided to release the code under the
GPL. This will enable people to trust your service.

I'm definitely going to take a look as this is an area I'm involved in,
and I often see non-tech organisations struggling with these kinds of

Best of luck

On 21/05/15 20:04, zylum at peacenews.info wrote:
>  Dear Gllug,
>  Peace News has been developing a set of tools to help grass-roots
> campaigners communicate, organise and win. I hope that you might be
> able to help us find the right people to ensure that Zylum fulfils its
> potential? Many people urged us to open the source behind
> https://zylum.org - We can now announce that the Peace News Ecosystem,
> the custom CMS behind Zylum is free software, released under The GNU
> Affero General Public License. The Zylum site is running and users can
> register and use the beta tools, nonetheless, we need contributions to
> ensure that we fix bugs and deliver on the project's potential.
> Peace News is currently seeking volunteers to critique the code and
> recruiting developers, to work on the project. We invite anyone
> interested to download the code from https://github.com/peacenews -
> explore it, and try running it on your own web-server.
> Do you know anyone who has the skills and passion to contribute to
> free software which will serve grass-roots groups, working for radical
> social change? Do you have experience managing open source
> development? Do you know of any similar projects which might be
> interested in collaborations?
> For a summary of what the Peace News Ecosystem can do, see
> https://zylum.org/about
> To get involved, email:
> admin at zylum.org
> If you would appreciate an opportunity to chat: What Zylum can do for
> you, as well as what you can do for Zylum will be topics for
> discussion at the Hactionlab Barncamp 19-21 June 2015 in the beautiful
> Wye valley. See you there.
> https://hacktionlab.org/hacktionlab/index.php/BarnCamp_2015_ideas_scratchpad
> Please forward this invitation as appropriate,
> In solidarity,
> Benjamin and the Zylum team.
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