[GLLUG] London UK Linux/podcaster meet up – Thursday Nov 12th at the Mulberry Bush pub (near Waterloo station)

Joe Ressington joeressington at gmail.com
Tue Oct 20 22:28:44 UTC 2015

Scott from mintCast is coming back to the UK so it’s time to have
another meet up! It’s an excuse for some podcasters to get together
but it’s also a good chance for anyone who is into Linux and Open
Source to have a few drinks and a chat with some like-minded people in
a nice informal atmosphere. Anyone and everyone is welcome, so spread
the word and bring people along!

Confirmed attendees so far are Scott Newlon (mintCast), me
(mintCast/Linux Luddites/The Pi Podcast), Jesse (Linux Luddites), Matt
Copperwaite (The Dick Turpin Road Show), Alan Pope and Martin Wimpress
(Ubuntu Podcast/Linux Unplugged).

Full details here:


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