[GLLUG] Question about software updater problem

Steve Parker steve at steve-parker.org
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Hi Jackie,
When you first installed the PC, it should have asked you to choose a username and password (along with a name for the PC itself, and a few other questions). It is that password which you need to enter.
If you are not sure of the password, you reset it quite easily:
1) open a terminal (just type "Terminal" in the dash bar).
2) Then run this command in the terminal window, followed by pressing the RETURN key:
  sudo passwd $USER
You should be prompted to enter a new password for your user. You can choose a new password, and this will now be the password to use for the system updates, too.
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Hi there
I am still a novice with regards to Ubuntu. 
I am trying to do my software update. I get the message that software is available to update and am asked if I want to install it. I click install now and get a box which says "to install or remove software, you need to authenticate" and asks for a password.I am not sure which password is required. I have also read on some forum pages that this is a bug and I should just press the escape key. This does not work.
I would welcome any suggestions of how to proceed.
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