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On 23 July 2016 at 19:05, Chris Bell via GLLUG <gllug at mailman.lug.org.uk>

> Hello,
> I am trying to discover what information is supplied for a new BT domestic
> FTTC connection, but of course getting information from BT is like getting
> blood from stone. I assume they supply one of their HomeHubs, probably
> series
> 5, and I am guessing that any IPv4 address will be dynamic, not static.
> However I understand that some existing customers have seen their HomeHub
> do
> an auto re-boot, then start running IPv6. Is IPv4 then no longer available,
> with access to IPv4-only addresses via 4-6 conversion provided by the BT
> system? Would the IPv6 address be static? I assume that a new connection
> might
> be IPv6 from the start, but no information is available from the call
> centre.

Chris, I checked my mum's BT Fibre broadband as I mentioned to you at the
meet-up, but the results unfortunately are inconclusive.

I wasn't getting an IPv6 address but it seems quite likely to have
something to do with all the hassle my mum has had diagnosing her phoneline
issues with the BT Broadband people (rather than the BT OpenWorld people)
and them sending her 3 varieties of router which look like they are all
daisy chained together.

So just wanted to confirm I had checked but I can't help I'm afraid.


> I assume that BT would not provide any DNS pointer / GLUE facility.
> My own IPv4 ADSL modem logs show that selective port-knocking is being
> blocked
> every few minutes, (and there is no DNS pointer to my fixed address), but
> do
> BT have remote access to their HomeHub using a well-known port and
> password?
> Could (should?) the BT HomeHub be replaced with a standard commercial hub
> with
> only local admin access?
> I have a test mailgate running, with any incoming connection to port 25
> forwarded to it, and I am receiving world-wide relay requests, but with a
> very
> restricted number of relay destinations, plus a few code-only, definitely
> not
> SMTP, files from a single sender. All are blocked.
> The government says that it concerned about the growing amount of on-line
> fraud, but it's OK because they will be providing security advice to the
> public within the next couple of years. I have asked locally, but the
> normal
> response is no idea, never heard of either IPv4 or IPv6.
> Thanks for any information.
> Chris Bell.
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