[GLLUG] Thinkpad T410 Disk Drive/Hardware problem

Leo Francisco lists at boywithwings.co.uk
Wed Feb 3 21:13:52 UTC 2016

Thanks Chris and Jan,

It seems the pieces that came out are the parts that hold the disk drive
in. Problem is it's really difficult to know how it was working before
it all fell apart.

Think I'll just order a mounting bay for now to fill the current gap and
then get an extra drive when funds permit. Perhaps if I can't fix the
locking mechanism back in I'll just tape the drive bay in. Very punk.

Really recommend Ubuntu Studio for anyone interested in audio under
Linux. It takes all the hassle out of configuring Jack and installing
the low latency Kernel. Ardour with the CALF plug-ins is pretty damn
close to a professional DAW such a Pro Tools. We're not quit there in
terms of electronic music tools but it's come so far since I last had a go.

I'll post some pics tomorrow.


On 03/02/16 19:45, Jan Henkins wrote:
> Hello Leo,
> On 03/02/16 01:17, Leo Francisco wrote:
>> Heya all,
>> Got my Thinkpad in the end. It's super fast, not used to the SSD
>> goodness. Been playing around making music with Ubuntu Studio. Loads
>> of fun.
> /me jealous! I'm still rocking with my old Lenovo Z360 Ideapad, but
> with Ubuntu Studio it's more than just useful.
>> I am having a problem with the disk drive however. The tray keeps
>> popping out seemingly randomly and make a hell of a lot of noise. I was
>> messing around taking it out and putting back in again and a couple of
>> bits came off the case. A small metal L thing and a plastic switch that
>> was visible on the bottom of the case.
> Oh dear, that actually sounds somewhat terminal! I hope that it's not
> part of the main case.
>> Anyone had anything like this happen before? It's easy to slip in a new
>> disk drive or HD bay but I'm not sure what to do about the two bits that
>> came off. I can't even see how they were attached as the case does not
>> come apart in a way that reveals that part of the computer.
>> I can link to a pic of the parts if anyone wants.
> Yes please, post some pictures. While I don't have a T410, the bits
> might look familiar. I agree about an extra HDD bay, they seem to be
> rather cheap (less than £10 without the drive, if you are willing to
> shop on eBay). With good USB DVD/RW units for that off-chance you need
> one, having a unit like that in your lappie doesn't really make all
> that much sense these days. I cannot remember when last I installed
> Linux from CD, I always write the install medium to a USB drive.

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