[GLLUG] Recommendations for computer repair in North London

Adrian McMenamin adrianmcmenamin at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 21:11:37 UTC 2016

On 5 February 2016 at 20:49, Chris Bell <chrisbell at chrisbell.org.uk> wrote:

> Does the fan seize up / need oil? Sleeve bearings dry out but can be oiled
> by peeling the label, removing any rubber plug, and dropping some clean oil
> in before replacing the label. It requires a good quality light oil that
> can stand increased temperatures without getting sticky, I have used
> vehicle ATF and Castrol HiSpin.
> Is the heat sink blocked below the fan body? The fan is usually held on
> the heat sink with 4 screws. Fresh heat transfer compound will be required
> if the heatsink is moved.
> Is the fan power connector the correct way round? Most (but not all)
> motherboards have the same connections, and are often marked.
> Chris Bell

It's not my computer, I don't have it and I have no means of testing it
further. So I know you are trying to be helpful, but what I really need is
a recommendation of someone to look at it.

FWIW though - the connector is on correctly (at least it was when I looked
at it) and the heat sink is on correctly.

The box will run for about 15 minutes if cold, then the fan stops and
shortly after it shuts down completely because of (I assume) overheating.
If booted warm then this can all take place much more quickly.
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