[GLLUG] (OT) DNS providers and Domain Registrar

Peter Grant grantpe at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 10:47:01 UTC 2016

On 24 February 2016 at 08:56, DL Neil <GLLUG at getaroundtoit.co.uk> wrote:
> Am looking to move about one dozen domainNMs to a better registrar and
> service provider.
> Please advise if you have any good/bad experiences (as a client) with
> any of the following?
> Heart: GBP3.49 .co.uk; GBP10.99 .info, .com, .org

I've had to migrate a domain away from Heart (some years ago) and they
had rather high fees for transfering out. I personally use Goscomb
Technologies (just for domains names and not DNS) and find their
support is normally excellent (I emailed at 9pm on Saturday and had my
issue fixed by 11pm). Their prices aren't bad and they have a policy
of never charging fees to transfer out.
Personal DNS is with Hurricane Electric as they're offering it for
free - limit is 50 domains per account (it's rock solid and better
response times than some paid providers).

The provider my work uses is FXDomains and I don't recommend them -
we've had our website inaccessible due to their DNS servers failing.
Their customer support isn't brillant either.

Peter G

PS: VPS for personal use is with OVH, selected for having native IPv6
and reasonable prices.

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